Organic ceramic plates

Nature has always been my muse, the source of inspiration for my stoneware collection. The stunning plates add flair to the flavour in your food. Each colour has a different character and tone, to either be a contrast, or be in amazing harmony with the food or item placed on it. In the nearby future (summer '22) you will be able to find a glazes overview on my website, I'm excited! 

Ceramic tableware

The rough exterior on the ceramic plates comes from the rocky mountains I grew up with. Thus it’s organic shape and feeling - the natural look invites you to touch. On your table my handmade dinnerware looks impressive, you will probably get a smile on your face every time you have breakfast or lunch. The handcrafted plates are made to last you a lifetime. If you have more questions about that please check my FAQ's. The plates are fired at high temperature of 1215°C/2221°F, for extra strength and durability. For the colours on my pottery plates, I play and experiment with glazes. Layering them creates different depths and organic effects. Since not one plate is identical, I consider it true art! It is the kind of art you use on a day-to-day basis to brighten up your meals. Even your dishwasher loves it.

Used materials: stoneware clay and food safe glazes.

Available colours: Playful Red, Soft black, Speckled Blue, Natural White, Midnight Blue, Hazy Taupe and Speckled Turquoise.