Handmade Ceramics for chefs

Since 1994, I have experience with hotels, restaurants and art galleries. The pieces are durable and dishwasher safe. After many successful collaborations, I have all certainties to say the unique pieces withstand everyday use. 



handmade High quality plates and bowls pottery ceramics

This page displays a few examples of plates that were custom made. The top picture are two bowls. That specific white glaze is not available anymore, the other is in Speckled Blue. The second picture shows the Free Spirit plates. They are available in different sizes and shapes. The glazes here are Speckled Blue, Waterfall and Mother of Pearl. 


Custom made plates wholesale custom for establishment

Here on the left also the Free Spirit plates, somewhat smaller, slightly more round, but more curved to ensure liquids will stay on. The glazes were created together with the chefs. 


High class ceramic plates Pottery plates High quality
The Stone Slab plates, are also available in different sizes, and glazes can be made according to wishes. Not everything is possible, but I love to experiment and find something that will fit your unique culinary experience. 

Culinairy Michelin star food Exquisit dining ceramic plates and bowlsA detail of the 'Ocean' Stone Slab. 
As you can tell, there are many options apart from the regular collection, that I call Organic Stone. Most establishments create their own unique combination from the line of Organic Stone, and add custom made pieces. 

Stone Slab Kari Ceramics for restaurant management hotel interiorsA.O, I have worked with: 
Station Road Loch Ness, UK
Sushi Samba, Saudi Arabia and UK
Masso Restaurant, Bahrain
Restaurant Calla's, Netherlands
Fhior Restaurant, UK
Carpe Diem resort, Maldives

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