Handmade ceramic accessories

With my line “Organic Stone” I aim to create the perfect table setting accessories for your home, as complete as possible. What would a high tea be without a ceramic cream and sugar set? Isn’t it lovely to have everything you need for your coffee on the table in elegant tableware? I created a ceramic milk jug with one dent on each side for a comfortable hold. The sugar pot is one of my favourite designs, with a hand-cut wavy lid. Both pieces are wheel- thrown and go through a long process of detailed hand work.

The little things that matter

Some fresh grated parmesan, a touch of Himalayan salt, mustard... Sometimes you just need that small bowl on your table. Maybe to put your chopsticks on. Or to keep somewhere else, with your wedding ring. I also offer you the option to buy them with a wooden spoon, that might be convenient for foods such as marmalade, and is just the perfect size to fit the bowl. The small ceramic bowl has a diameter of approx 3.1”/8cm.

So I fell in love...

Once requested by a customer, I designed a heart shaped bowl, and I immediately fell in love with it. It was just enchanting to see the form come to its existence in my hands. The heart shaped bowl is a unique gift on Valentine’s day or any other special day to that someone you love. It can be used for jewellery, foods like small chocolates or a candle. The size can vary due to being hand made, but is between 3.9” and 4.3” or 10 and 11cm.

The firing of the oven at high temperatures give the pottery extra strength and durability- they are made to last a lifetime. All the ceramic accessories are dishwasher safe. If you have any questions, just email me, I am always happy to help!