Bowls for breakfast 
In the morning I love to eat porridge. Overnight oats, that I mix with a broad variety of fruits, seeds, nuts and adding flavours such as cinnamon or cardamom. I love to eat quality food. A special moment to nurture myself and others, a moment to sit still and enjoy. All my senses are involved, so it is not only the food itself that takes part in this experience - it is the way everything around that food is placed. There is only so much you can do about the place where you eat, but I knew I wanted to create my own perfect dishes to put the food on.. And so, I have created unique ceramics to complete the food-experience.

Stoneware bowls
The exterior has my signature-look. The clay is subjected to detailed handwork and has a three-dimensional look and feeling that reminds me of rocky mountains in Norway; where I grew up. The interior of the stoneware bowls is left to play with. Does the glaze colour need to be deep, lively or serene? I have decided to let the customer choose what vivid colour they can buy my handcrafted pottery bowls in, and have created them in nine colour variations: Speckled Blue, Soft Black, Speckled Turquoise, Natural White, Forest Green, Waterfall, Hazy Taupe, Midnight Blue and Playful Red. Not only do I want the bowls to be aesthetically pleasing, they also have to be practical. The firing of the oven at high temperatures gives the pottery extra strength and durability- they are made to last a lifetime. The food safe glaze even ensures that all my pieces are dishwasher friendly - so convenient!

Unique ceramic bowls

Because their look is so unique, the ceramic bowls are not only useful, but definitely also decorative. My favourite size with it’s 8.3”/ 21cm in diameter, is the pasta bowl. It is great for pasta and dishes like curry or stir-fry. And of course currently very popular as a ramen bowl. Because of its beauty, it is also a great centrepiece to keep on your kitchen counter with fruits or vegetables. The small ceramic bowls are used for tapas, herbs or other toppings. Many customers even keep their jewellery in it! The large serving bowl comes in three sizes and three colours, they are simply gorgeous, and can be bought separately or as a nesting set.

You can buy bowls in the same size, or create a ceramic bowl set of your choice - they come in nine sizes! The soup bowl for example, is one of my most ordered items. And did I mention the low ceramic serving bowl yet? With its organic shape it will stand out on any table and will get a lot of attention from your guests.