Shipping & Handling

> All items are very well packed in bubble wrap and individual boxes, inside a larger box, to arrive safely to you. It is high quality stoneware pottery: apart from our excellent packing it is also the product itself that make it sturdy to withstand possible rough handling on its way to you. 

  • What are the estimated shipping costs?
    The exact shipping costs will be clear after you have chosen the selected products and filled in your personal details and shipping destination. Below you can see a few examples of approximate shipping costs based on weight. When you are reading this on a mobile device - please scroll to the right to also find examples for World and UK. 
    EXPRESS SENDING is possible at a higher rate. Contact us for details.

    0-2 kg 
    2-8 kg
          • What happens if my pottery arrives broken?   
            Pottery which is damaged upon arrival will be replaced as soon as possible, just take a photo of it and contact me. It will soon be on its way to you again.  Fortunately due to very good packing this issue does not happen very often!  

          • What is the approximate shipping time after my order is ready?
            Be-Ne-Lux: 2-3 business days
            Europe: 3-7 business days, depending on size of parcel.
            North America/ Canada: 10-16 business days. Larger orders take 3-4 days with FedEx.
            Australia and New Zealand: 15-20 business days
            Rest of the world: 15-21 days
            These shipping times might vary due to conditions outside my control.

          • What can you tell me about shipping costs?
            Ceramics are heavy goods. This is why shipping pottery is expensive compared to other products. My ceramics are made to last a lifetime and packed with utter care, so you will only invest in these costs once. Unless, of course, you decide later to expand your collection. I strive to offer you the best economical shipping option, always checking the latest shipping rates with different companies. Hoping for your understanding.

          • What happens if my parcel is lost? 
            Please send me a message as soon as you notice your parcel did not 'move' with its tracking code for an unusual amount of time - anything ranging from 7 to 20 days. I will refund your money or re-send you the pottery, as you wish.
            PLEASE NOTE that if you inform me later than 30 days after your parcel did not move I can not take any responsibility for the refund as my carrier insurance needs a case within a certain time frame in order to be able to investigate and potentially refund a part. 

          • Who is responsible for import taxes? 
            Buyers are responsible for any handling fees, custom- and import taxes that may apply. 

          If you do have any other question, your answer might be at our FAQ. If the answer is not there, do not hesitate to contact me via