Ceramic dinnerware sets

The plates and bowls from my dinner sets are designed to transform everyday meals into fine dining affairs. With rims that remind you of mountains and natural coloured glazes, they create exquisite table settings. The variety of glaze colours gives you plenty of scope to set up your table just as you wish. From the matte Soft Black to the Forest Green that smoothly runs into other tones, your own unique combinations will impress your guests. 

The three pieces

The bowl of this ceramic tableware set can be used for soup, a single serving of salad or a topping or some bread you might want to put on the table. Its width 6.3”/ 16 cm, and height 2”/ 5 cm. The stoneware bowl is available in nine different glaze options: Playful Red, Forest Green, Natural White, Speckled Turquoise, Soft Black, Waterfall, Hazy Taupe, Midnight Blue and Speckled Blue. The first- course plate (or side plate) of this high quality dinner set has a diameter of ca 8.7”/ 22cm. The large dinner plate has a diameter of ca 11.8”/30cm. Both plates come in seven different glaze options: Playful Red, Natural White, Speckled Turquoise, Soft Black, Hazy Taupe, Speckled Blue, and the new Midnight Blue. Soon there will be a glaze overview in the webshop - so convenient! 

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With all the beautiful glaze options, there are many, many combinations possible to create sets that match your kitchen our interior design. So what I have done for you is created a few examples. All the examples of the are based on the two ceramic plates, and when you click on the dinner set, the most ordered combinations are given as examples. For example, “Dinner Set Dimension” has a Speckled Blue dinner plate, and a Soft Black first-course plate. Within that dinner set, you will find the beautiful combinations with the Natural White, Forest Green, Speckled Blue or Speckled Turquoise soup bowl. You are always free to put your own combination together: just click ‘other, contact me’ in the drop down menu, and you can add a note at the end of your purchase. 

And if you have any questions, just email me, I am always happy to help!