Stoneware dinnerware

"Norwegian nature is my inspiration

Surrendering to rocky mountains, trees and the sea.
Organic forms capture me inspiring my hands to shape the clay into its natural beauty.
This is my passion and I would love to share it with you."

Kari Ytterdal
Ceramic artist

New in store!

19 cm / 7.5"

The perfect bowl for your one pot dish. Ramen, miso, pasta, stew, couscous and much more.
Available in nine beautiful colours.

ceramic dessert bowls


For many years, it has been a delight to shape my ceramics together with chefs. There are many possibilities to co-create ceramic dishes and glaze colours that can enhance or complement the hued textures of your dishes. 


On Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th of September 2023 it is time for our annual Studio Sale. Tables full of Seconds and Unique Pieces will be available at high discounts. Visit the Studio and see where all your pottery is made. Looking forward to meeting you!