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Functional unique ceramic art

As an artist, I love to see what the clay can bring. Working with it, and see what comes to mind. The relationship between hands and clay is the basis of the ceramic art form. When you put your hands onto the clay, the natural need to form, shape and ultimately create something from the fine- grained soil is inescapable. It is not always easy to find time to let myself get carried away by new sources of inspiration. But when I do, my hands discover shapes that I can only create once - only in that specific time and space: a ceramic one-off piece is born. At the beginning of my artistic career I started with studying sculpture, but I chose later to focus on the path of creating handmade functional ceramics, but inspired by sculpture, working organically and free with the clay. The idea of my handmade ceramic art being of use even every day for my customers makes me happy.

Stepping stone unique pottery art

I would like to elaborate on the ceramic palette I call “stepping stone” you will find on this page. This very unique ceramic centrepiece feels like a palette made of rock, displaying harmonious natural glaze colours like stepping stones of different sizes floating on the surface.

It takes a lot of detailed hand decoration to create the very rough stone effect and the coloured pools where each one displays a different glaze. The edges are created with fine cracks to emphasize the feeling and look of rock. The end result is a beautiful decorative natural piece of art for eye-catching display on any table.

Measurements: oval diameter 36cm x 30cm, height 4 cm Oval diameter 14.2"x 11.8", height 1.6".

All my one-off ceramics are dishwasher friendly. If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.