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Organic handmade ceramic plates

Nature has always been my muze, the source of inspiration for my handmade stoneware plates. My handmade pottery plates add flair to the flavour in your food. Each color has a different character and tone, to either be a contrast, or be in amazing harmony with the food or item placed on it. When I recently created the glaze color “Mother of Pearl”, I thought of shells, the sea and her pearls. White is always a fine canvas, but I did not want the canvas to be completely empty when the food is finished. I started playing around with pearly white glazes, and ended with this stunning result with some dashes of stillness in the middle. I can only imagine crisp radish on top of your salad or gently cooked scallop on this handmade pottery plate beauties.

Pottery dinner plates on your table

The rough exterior on my handmade ceramic plates comes from the rocky mountains I grew up with. Thus it’s organic shape and feeling - the natural look invites you to touch. On your table my handmade dinnerware looks impressive, you will probably get a smile on your face every time you have breakfast, or put your sandwich on them for lunch. They are not only for you own satisfaction, the unique handmade plates will surely get many compliments from your guests. The handcrafted ceramic plates are made to last you a lifetime. Though the dinnerware comes across so luxurious, I wanted them to be really sturdy. That is why they are fired at high temperature at 1215c/2221F, for extra strength and durability. For the colours on my pottery plates, I play and experiment with glazes, layering them creates different depths and organic effects. Since not one plate is identical, you could even call them ‘ceramic art plates’ - it is the kind of art you can use on a day-to-day basis to brighten up your meals. Even your dishwasher loves it.

Used materials: stoneware clay and food safe glazes.

Available colours: Playful Red, Soft black, Speckled Blue, Natural White and Speckled Turquoise.