Dinner set Inspiration

Dinner set Inspiration

The playful pattern of the glaze Mother of Pearl on the large handmade dinner plate gives a connotation to the sea, and is a playful backdrop for all dishes served on it. The Natural White first-course or side plate is beautiful for serving of any food, and can be used also as a breakfast or lunch plate.

The organic handmade soup bowl to go with it is here presented in 2 different glaze colors, namely the stunning effect-glaze Running Water, and Speckled Blue.

Click on the glaze option in the drop down to see the respective image. 

Feel free to create your own special combination, just contact me.


All pieces of dinner sets are 100% dishwasher and microwave safe.

This is a listing for a ONE-PERSON setting consisting of 3 pieces: 

Dinner plate: ca 30cm / 12"  |  Side plate / Fist course plate: ca 23cm / 9"  |  Soup bowl: ca 16cm /6.3" 

♥ Please allow for small differences in sizes and shapes between the items as they are all custom handmade, each one is unique. The glaze nuance and pattern on each piece might also vary slightly from each one. Not two are the same.