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Handcrafted ceramics and stoneware pottery online 

If you are looking for functional handmade ceramics and stoneware pottery with a different organic look, then you are at the perfect place. I design and craft each piece in my studio in Amsterdam, and every single one of them has a unique decorative beauty combined with functional simplicity.

At Kari Ceramics, I offer you handmade pottery that has a different touch and feel, inspired by nature.

You can see all my ceramic functional pottery in my web shop, starting from the marvelous and eye-catching collections of handmade ceramic dinnerware sets, along with some beautiful handmade ceramic mugs and handmade ceramic cups as well as unique handmade ceramic plates with magnificent handmade ceramic bowls. You will also find handcrafted accessories and unique handmade functional ceramic pieces, which can complete your table setting. 

It goes without saying that all my ceramics are 100%, microwave and dishwasher friendly.

About me

Since I grew up in Norway surrounded by nature; it was the stones, trees and water that inspired me to explore the potential that resides in every soft lump of clay and how it can be manipulated to form handmade ceramic art. The three-dimensional quality of clay was what led me to study art and sculpture.

Currently I make all of my handmade ceramics and pottery in my studio based in an artist complex in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I create my pieces mainly by custom orders from private customers coming from all corners of the world, as well as designing and taking commissioned work for high end restaurants internationally.

Each ceramic piece is unique, not two are the same. It elevates any food you serve on it, to become a feast for the eyes and the senses.

I feel great joy in exploring how quality and aesthetics can come together in natural harmony and form these wonderful pieces of art. 

What makes Kari Ceramics Studio Different from Other Handmade Ceramics?

My creative work merged with nature is what makes my handmade ceramic pottery different from other handmade ceramics.

All of my handcrafted ceramics and stoneware pottery have a unique and stunning look. Each piece is very organic and tactile and makes you want to touch it, like a piece of nature.

The inside is created in a smooth and shiny manner with beautiful eye-catching food-safe glazes, while the exterior is crafted roughly, looking like stone, shell or the bark of a tree. This is making it distinctive from any other handmade functional ceramics; I put great quality and individuality in every unique piece that I create. 

My pottery is made to make you happy!  

Why Handmade Stoneware Pottery Means Quality

Generally said, pottery is of two kinds: stoneware and earthenware. Stoneware pottery is fired at a higher temperature (above 1200c/2200F), which creates a more dense and hard body, while earthenware is fired at a lower temperature and can more easily chip and break.

I use the best of stoneware clay for making my handmade stoneware pottery, since high quality is my core value.

Detailed work by hand plays a great role in carefully shaping and creating each unique piece, and it is a dedicated process of 12-14 steps that can last up to a week.  

The final product is a strong and durable piece of pottery, made to be enjoyed and last maybe for a lifetime!

~ This is my passion and I would love to share it with you ~  

Kari Ytterdal