Tea -and cappuccino cups with saucer

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These beautiful, wheel-thrown ceramic cups with saucers are large, light-weighted, and extremely comfy to hold since their handle is thoughtfully shaped with a thumb-rest fitting perfectly to your fingers. NB! Made to fit for right hand! Cup for LEFT HANDED upon request. 

Great for Tea Time, the perfect cup of cappuccino or hot chocolate with cream....

The saucer is shaped as a palette, big enough for a  large cookie on the side;  or you can use it separately as a plate for serving a piece of cake or a sandwich.  


♥ Size: cup height ca 2.7"/6.7 cm, opening 3.9"/10cm. Holds ca. 8.4 fl.ounce/250ml. The saucer is ca 5.5"/14cm x 7.9"/20cm.

♥ All pieces are 100% dishwasher safe