Ceramic red bowl with eggplant

"I invite you on a personal journey of collaboration. 

Let these nature-inspired handmade plates become a canvas for your artistic culinary expressions." 


Black ceramic plate with high quality food


Since 1994, it has been my passion to design and work with clay. Part of the journey has been the joy of creating my ceramics with chefs and restaurants internationally.  After many successful collaborations, I have all certainties to say the unique pieces withstand everyday use. 

Each piece is made by hand, either by forming clay slabs or on a potter's wheel, followed by detailed work to create the organic natural effect. The creative process takes between 12 and 14 steps during a minimum of one week to finalise. Due to the final high fire the dishes are of high stoneware quality, being very strong and thus dishwasher safe.

There are many possibilities available in regards to shapes, sizes and glazes. The color tones are ranging from more natural and nuanced to vibrant glazes with multilayered effects. 


Handmade pottery bowls with organic effect on exterior

Organic Stone
Over 10 years of an ever-evolving perfectionism sits behind the design of my signature collection Organic Stone. It is inspired by rocky and rugged elements from the nature of my homeland, contrasted with a smooth interior. Its unique look elevates any dish placed on it.




Stone Slab
My second line Stone Slab is characterised by an interesting uneven surface, normally with variations in contour as well as the glaze nuance of each plate. Its usual shape is low with a slight curve.  

For this model there is a wider possibility to play with the colour palette and size to cater your individual wishes.

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Stone Slab Kari Ceramics for restaurant management hotel interiors

Among our valued clients : 

Station Road Loch Ness, UK
Sushi Samba, UK and Qatar
Masso Restaurant, Bahrain
Restaurant Calla's, Netherlands
Fhior Restaurant, UK
Lagnonu resort, Corsica, France
The Nautilus, Maldives
The Angel Inn Suffolk, UK

For inquiries, quotes, lead times or anything else you might wonder about - please do not hesitate to contact me at

A catalog with more elaborate explanations of all the glazes, sizes and prices is available upon request.

Where passion for gastronomy and handmade ceramics meet, synergy enfolds.…