Salad bowl Turquoise Seconds

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This Salad bowl or serving is on sale because it has some aesthetic imperfections. Because the glaze ran down the bowl too fast, on the sides it is slightly lighter than the other pieces in Turquoise. The bottom has craquele, which is not common to my bowls. Last the sides have some light 'freckles' as I would call them. All captured well in the pictures. This is of no influence to the superior and durable quality of the pottery, it is made to last a lifetime.

This handmade pottery bowl will be standing out on any table. Either for serving food or as a large fruit bowl, it is an eye-catching decorative centrepiece. 

The size is about 28cm/11" wide and ca 9cm/3.7" tall.
Dishwasher- and microwave safe
Only one piece with discount available - ready to ship.