Large nesting bowl set

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This large nesting set of handmade ceramic bowls contains 3 different sized bowls. They are statement pieces at your table, whether it is for serving salads or hot food, at a special and elegant dinner or at your everyday meal. The stone-like exterior of the bowls together with the colourful glazes on the inside make for the eye-striking contrast between the two very different surfaces.

This large set is also proven as a successful wedding gift; one that will be remembered and enjoyed forever!  

Approximate sizes
Large bowl 36cm wide, 11.5cm tall/  width 14.2" x height 4.5"
Medium bowl
28.5 cm wide , 9 cm tall/  width  11.2" x height 3.7" 
Small bowl 19cm wide,  8.5cm tall /  width 7.5" x height 3.3" 

♥ Since each piece is made individually by hand, tiny imperfections might occur, as well as slight variations in colour, shape and size. This show-stopping set of durable high quality dinnerware truly reflects the beauty of handmade.