Tea -and cappuccino cups with saucer

Tea -and cappuccino cups with saucer

These beautiful, wheel-thrown ceramic cups with saucers are large, light-weighted, and extremely comfy to hold since their handle is thoughtfully shaped with a thumb-rest fitting perfectly to your fingers. NB! Made to fit for right hand! Cup for LEFT HANDED upon request. 

Great for Tea Time, for a perfect cup of cappuccino, or it can even be used for a small portion of soup, warm and cuddly; not least to mention hot chocolate with cream....

The saucer is shaped as a palette, big enough for a  large cookie on the side;  or you can use it separately as a plate for serving a piece of cake or a sandwich.  


♥ Size: cup height ca 2.7"/6.7 cm, opening 3.9"/10cm. Holds ca. 8.4 fl.ounce/250ml. The saucer is ca 5.5"/14cm x 7.9"/20cm.

♥ All pieces are 100% dishwasher safe