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Spring sale! Set of 2 Mugs

Spring sale! Set of 2 Mugs

Out with the cold, in with the woo. 
Let us spring into colour with not one mug, but two! 

These are your ultimate mugs for tea, hot chocolate or coffee. Each handmade mug is wheel-thrown, goes through detailed surface work to give the stone-like look, and receives a playful dent on the side in order to give a comfortable grip with the thumb.  Two huggable mugs!

The coffee mug has a stone-like, unglazed exterior, but the rim and outer edge have a layer of clear glaze on top to secure a smooth touch for your lips when drinking. 

Mix and match the vibrant colours if you like, its fun. Each colour has a different mood and energy. Earthy Speckled Blue, Playful Red, Calming Forest Green, Dreamy Speckled Turquoise, Energising Waterfall, Mystic Soft Black... 

♥ Height ca 3.75 Inch /9.5 cm, opening diameter 3.2 Inch /8 cm. Holds about 10 Ounce/300ml.

*this SALE will run online until 21st of April. Yes, that is exactly one month after the (Dutch) start of spring.