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Seconds Speckled Turquoise Large serving bowl

Seconds Speckled Turquoise Large serving bowl

This is a beautiful organic looking large ceramic salad serving bowl which really will be standing out on any table. The glaze colour on this bowl came out perfect. Such a beautiful intricate pattern of the Speckled Turquoise.

Unfortunately, I forgot to put my signature on the bottom. . Apart from that, there are two tiny cracks near the edge, they are only on the surface and nothing on the bowl is broken. Around that same area the glaze did not stick equally to the glaze body, this results in the Turquoise colour to "dance" in the bowl. And last, at the bottom the gIaze has a crackle effect (called crazing) which is not common to my pottery. I tried to capture this as well as possible on the pictures. It is of no influence to the high stoneware quality of the bowl. 

The size is about 35 cm/13.8" wide and ca 11.5-12cm/4.7" high.
Seconds can not be returned, and we do not issue refunds for seconds.

Hopefully this beauty will find a new home!