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Seconds set of two Midnight Blue lunch plates

Seconds set of two Midnight Blue lunch plates

A set of two lunch plates, with a mystical Midnight Blue Glaze. Both plates have tiny superficial pinholes, mainly near the edges. Please take a good look at the pictures to understand. The pinholes are of no influence to the superior stoneware quality. No remains of food will stay in the pinholes since they are too small for that. In general, the glaze behaved somewhat different on these plates, so they are just one tone softer than the other Midnight Blues. Maybe just perfect to match your kitchen. 

Hopefully this set will find a new home! 

Size: 9"/23cm diameter

Microwave- and dishwasher safe. For oven a maximum of 120°C is recommended. 

Please note the plates can not be sold separately. Seconds can not be returned, and we do not issue refunds for seconds.