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Seconds Jug for water, milk, whisky or sauce

Seconds Jug for water, milk, whisky or sauce

This lovely Playful Red Jug came out of the kiln slightly different. In the centre, the Red glaze did not stick entirely to the clay body. Therefore, some light spots reveal itself, which I tried to show in one of the pictures. The spout has a hint of orange in it, and a tiny bubble. Bubbles are of no influence to the high quality and durability of the pottery itself. 

The jug has been made with one dent on each side for comfortable hold. You need to feel it to understand it, it's simply lovely. Add water to your whisky? Have milk with your tea? Pour chocolate over ice cream? Dressing on the salad? It can all be done with this little lovely one!  

Volume is about 140-150 ml/ 4.7 - 5 fl ounce. All pottery is dishwasher safe. 

Seconds can not be returned, and we do not issue refunds for seconds.

Hopefully this lovely jug will find a new home!