Seconds dinner set Forest Green

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Customers that buy my dinner sets tend to buy the smaller bowls later - I highly recommend to buy the full set!  Smaller bowls are convenient for so many things such as side dishes, grated cheese, dessert, fruit, snacks and as a tea bag dripping bowl.  Receive a 25% discount on the full set or a 20% discount on the basic set!
  • All pieces are 100% dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • This one person setting consists of 3 or 5 pieces, depending on your choice.
  • Measurements: Dinner plate: ca 30cm / 12"  |  Side plate / First course plate: ca 23cm / 9"  |  Soup bowl: ca 16cm /6.3" | Dessert bowl: ca 14cm/5.5" & Tapas bowl 11cm/4.3" 

Ceramic second pieces come with some imperfections. They come with the beauty of hand made. I try to capture all 'beauty marks' as well as possible on the pictures, so please do remember to set your screen on a bright setting and zoom in where possible. The pieces can come with a small bubble or two, a pinhole, a dot, a dark spot, or tiny scratches. None of the imperfections are of influence to the superior stoneware quality. They remain durable ceramics, made to last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, I can not accept any returns and give no refunds for seconds. Only one set available.