Fruit bowl Turquoise Seconds

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Ceramic second pieces come with minor aesthetic imperfections. With this specific bowl, it is a very small crack on the edge. Actually, the bowl did not crack but due to the heating process in the oven -which occurs unevenly, because air flows - a small opening in the clay occured as it expanded. But to my knowledge there is no other word for it. This small opening is of no influence to the superior stoneware quality. It remains a durable ceramic piece, made to last a lifetime. And the glaze is just wonderful, don't you think? 

With it's spatial character, this large fruit bowl or serving bowl stands elegantly as a centrepiece at your table or kitchen counter. It is a handmade ceramic piece, made one by one on the slab roller. Elevating both everyday meals and special dinners. Suitable for serving salads, hot one-pot-dishes and much, much more. This design is also very suitable to keep your fruits in. 

Width about 28.5cm/ 11.2" and height ca 6.5cm/2.5".
Microwave- and dishwasher safe. 
Unfortunately we do not issue any refunds for second pieces.