Centrepiece 'Ariel'

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A large pottery bowl that is an impressive piece of art by itself. The Waterfall and Seaweed glaze came together on this bowl to form a subtle movement of colours. When seen in the right light, a touch of golden is found as well near the edge- seen on the fifth picture. This creation was inpired by both land as well as ocean. Hence I gave it this name 'Ariel', who is the embodiment of both. 

This meticulously handcrafted bowl
 will elevate your home interior while standing on your dining table, dressoir or kitchen counter. A functional piece of art that is suitable as a fruit bowl or serving bowl. 

The size is 40 -33 cm in diameter, height 5 cm 
15.7" - 13" , height 2" 

Only one available, this is a true one-off piece. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.