Seconds dinner set Rutile

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Receive a rare 25% discount on the full set or a 20% discount on the basic set!
The dinner plate in Natural White
The lunch plate and dessert bowl in a lighter variation of Speckled Blue
The soup bowl in Forest Green 
The tapas bowl in Waterfall 
This organic shaped dinner set will surely be the centre of attention, whether it is at a special dinner or at your shared daily meals. 

Ceramic second pieces come with minor imperfections. They come with the beauty of hand made. I try to capture all 'beauty marks' as well as possible on the pictures, so please do remember to set your screen on a bright setting and zoom in where possible. The pieces can come with a small bubble or two, a pinhole, a dot, a dark spot, or tiny scratches. None of the imperfections are of influence to the superior stoneware quality. They remain durable ceramics, made to last a lifetime.

  • All pieces are 100% dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • This one person setting consists of 3 or 5 pieces, depending on your choice.
  • Measurements: Dinner plate: ca 30cm / 12"  |  Side plate / First course plate: ca 23cm / 9"  |  Soup bowl: ca 16cm /6.3" | Dessert bowl: ca 14cm/5.5" & Tapas bowl 11cm/4.3" 
Unfortunately, I can not accept any returns and give no refunds for seconds. Only one set available. It does go exceptionally well with the other dinner sets!