Seconds Speckled Blue dinner plates

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Its organic look is a joy to the eye, invites you to touch, and creates a feast out of any meal.
Each one of these plates have tiny beauty marks, as you can see on the close up pictures. Please set your screen to the brightest setting in order to see -for example- the tiny scratches on the edge in one picture. Most plates have a small bubble, and some have two. Bubbles are of no influence to the superior and strong stoneware quality. And the same goes for 'freckles'. As you can see the colour variation between the plates is quite strong while these are all the same "Speckled Blue". We strive to provide colours as near to each other as possible within the same order. Please let me know if you would like to have it any other way. 

Size: 11.8"/30cm diameter 

In the dishwasher? Yes it can. 
20 plates available. 
Unfortunately, I can not accept any returns and give no refunds for seconds.