Seconds set of four pasta bowls

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Four gorgeous (if I may say so myself) Forest Green bowls. Great for curry, pasta, stew, other one-pot-dishes or even to keep your fruit in. 

Ceramic second pieces come with minor imperfections. They come with the beauty of hand made. I try to capture all 'beauty marks' as well as possible on the pictures, so please do remember to set your screen on the brightest setting and zoom in where possible. The pieces can come with a small bubble or two, a pinhole, a dot, or tiny scratches. None of the imperfections are of influence to the superior stoneware quality. They remain durable ceramics, made to last a lifetime.


The size is about 21 cm/ 8.3" wide and 5.5cm/  2.1" high.
Amount: FOUR
Yes! Dishwasher- and microwave safe. 

Please note the bowls can not be sold separately. Seconds can not be returned.