Luscious Green bowls - set of two

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Size: ca 6.3"/16cm diameter, height 2.6"/6.5cm
Amount: two bowls 

This glaze colour is created by layering different glazes, which I only made a small batch of. The bowls are true Unique Pieces! 
The stone-like exterior together with the colourful glazes on the inside make for the eye-striking contrast between the two very different surfaces. 

You will find these 
handmade ceramic bowls to be so versatile. Wonderful for granola, yoghurt or oats during your elevated morning routine. Perfect for soup, stew or salad at lunch or dinner. And last but not least; serving snacks in these bowls adds so much elegance to your late-night snack! 

Only two sets of two available 
Dishwasher and microwave safe. Crafted with love, made to last.