Organic handmade ceramic mugs, cups and tumblers 

When I hold a mug, I want it to feel natural. Like the mug is made for the shape of my hand, and made for the beverage to stay warm at first and then smoothly glide out. It needs to look intriguing, yet soft to touch for the lips.. So with those needs I began to design my stoneware pottery mugs and cups. The exterior got my signature - look; the clay is subjected to detailed handwork and gets a three-dimensional look and feeling that reminds me of rocky mountains. So what to do for the handles of my handmade clay mugs? For all three sizes the handle had to be sturdy, yet in a flowing shape to let your index finger fit in. If you are left-handed, please let me know so I can customise the handle! Another feature on my handmade stoneware mugs is a dent right at the spot where your thumb lands. It is hard to explain in writing how comfortable it feels; you should try it once..

The new handmade ceramic Tumbler

December 2020 I released the new handcrafted pottery Tumbler in my online ceramic shop. Like the other cups and mugs, the handcrafted tumblers are based on the highest aesthetic design. With the stone-like look on the outside and the smooth surfaced glazes on the inside these beauties are provided with my signature look. The colourful tumblers are dishwasher safe. High quality tumblers, that are made to last a lifetime. Like my other cups and mugs, each one received a playful dent on the side for a comfortable hold. Find out at the product page and enjoy the pottery online. 

I was so delighted to find out they honoured my mugs at Nicole Rhea - a well known authority on artisan crafted homewares! You can read their blog on favourite handmade mugs here. 

Glazing with all my heart

The interior of my handmade pottery cups was left to play with. Did the glaze colour need to be deep, lively or serene? I decided to have the customer choose what vivid colour they could buy my handmade ceramic cups in, and created them in eight colour variations: Speckled Blue, Soft Black, Speckled Turquoise, Natural White, Forest Green, Waterfall, Midnight Blue and Playful Red. Not only did I want my handmade cups to be aesthetically pleasing, they also had to be practical. The firing of the oven at high temperatures give the pottery extra strength and durability- they are made to last a lifetime. The food safe glaze even ensures that all my pieces are dishwasher- and microwave friendly; so convenient.

Amazing collection of handcrafted pottery online

You don’t have to come all the way to my studio in The Netherlands to order my pottery, though I would enjoy it very much to meet my customers :) Here in my online store, you can find all the sizes and colours handmade stoneware ceramic mugs and cups that I offer. If you would like a different amount or colour combination, please let me know, I am always happy to help! For example, if you would like a ceramic mug set of six pieces, in Speckled Blue And Natural White and you are not quite sure if you made the right selection? Just click ‘add note’ at the very end of your shopping cart and I will get back to you shortly.

Time to investigate what your favourite design would be. What is the perfect match for your home or work situation? If all your co-workers keep their own mug, well, then you will be standing out with this one of-a-kind handmade pottery coffee mug. Of course, if you love your tea or hot cocoa in a mug this would also be your choice. The handmade mug holds 12 ounce/ 350 ml. My handmade ceramic tea cup that holds 8.8 ounce/ 260ml is also a great cup for cappuccino. It comes with a beautifully natural shaped saucer, that is large enough to keep a cookie or other piece of pastry on. I am sure you will get a lot of compliments from your guest when you have a high tea with these stunning handmade cups. If you know what a “doppio” is, you are probably an espresso lover. A ceramic espresso cup that holds 3.8 ounce/100 ml would be the cup of your choice. This handmade espresso cup also comes with saucer, so you know where to put your spoon or chocolate-covered almond..

Please your senses, feel unique, drink from ceramics made with love.