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Seconds set of 3 bowls

Seconds set of 3 bowls

Three lovely bowls, each with its own 'beauty mark'. With the Hazy Taupe pasta bowl I spilled a little glaze over the edge. The Speckled Turquoise soup bowl has one tiny crack on the edge, (which I would consider more 'a small fold in the clay) of no influence to the quality of the durable stoneware. The Speckled Blue dessert bowl has one dark freckle at the bottom. For each bowl I took a close-up picture to show you. 

Hopefully this set will find a new home! All dishwasher safe. 

Pasta Bowl: ca  ⌀ 21 cm/ 8.3", height 5.5cm/ 2.1".
Soup Bowl: ca ⌀ 16cm / 6.3", h 6.5cm/2.6".
Dessert Bowl: ca ⌀ 14cm/ 5.5", h 4cm/1,6" 

Please note the bowls can not be sold separately. Seconds can not be returned, and we do not issue refunds for seconds.